Saturday Morning Kids 10:30 – 12:00
                         $22.00 reservations required
         Fun and creative projects for kids of all ages

Saturday, June 10th

                                  MIND CRAFT
                           Saturday, June 17th                                                  minecraft_drawing__the_real_steve_by_jojoful7-d55ap62                             FLIP FLOP DAYS
                                    July 1st                                  

                     CREATIVE ART CLASSES

       Wednesday’s 4:30 – 6:00 per week $18.00 includes all supplies

We will create fun and functional projects and explore new adventures in art! We will develop children’s unique artistic abilities through techniques and projects that are extra exciting and above the usual exposure that can be had during our normal studio experience. We will teach to inspire and  sprinkle in creative learning lessons about famous artists and their painting styles whenever possible. We teach students to encourage and embrace every artistic and unique outcome of the art they create!

Jean Art Flowerpaper arti-love-you-collage-art