It’s a fact! Pottery painting can be used to raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars!

Is your school, church, organization or registered charity looking for a unique and fun way to raise funds? Ever thought about using pottery painting to reach your goal? Even better when Art Fusion donates 20% of the total spent at your pottery or glass event back to your charity!

Here’s just a few great ideas to get you thinking. Some have been very successfully done already. Some are just waiting to be hosted by you at your venue, school, or church:

WALL OF TILES – Fundraising Potential $2500 – $10,000
This is a very powerful fundraiser for your school or academy. Get every child in the school or a specific year grade to paint a 6″x 6″tile at Art Fusion. Create a theme for the project or simply ask each child to paint the tile to represent their own family. Once painted all the tiles can be mounted on a school wall to create an amazing piece of colorful art.  Each family pays $10.00 to be on the wall.  Art Fusion co-ordinates the painting and processing of the tiles (we make a small charge of $2.00 per tile) and all you have to do is get a few capable parents to mount them in your school. Voila! The school/PTA makes $8.00 per tile to be donated towards PTA or school specific projects.

DINNERWARE AUCTION- Fundraising Potential $100 to $ 500
Get the kids to paint a complete set of dinnerware. Auction the whole set or even piece by piece.

TABLE TOP AUCTION- Fundraising Potential $100 to $400
Get the kids to paint a set of tiles. Get a handy Mom or Dad to build a table. Use the tiles to make a table top. Auction this unique piece of furniture.

CELEBRITY AUCTION- Fundraising Potential is unlimited if it’s a famous personality or sports star!
Persuade some well known celebrities or sportstars to paint a piece of pottery for auction. Better still, get the entire Eagles team to sign a piece for auction. Great for P.R. and media coverage with unlimited fundraising potential.

GROUP PAINTING- Fundraising Potential Up to $1500
Persuade a large number of people to come and paint pottery with us.  Make a great event out of it with food, drink, music, prizes and even media coverage. We will write a check directly to your fundraising account for 20% of the value of all the pieces painted. Allow your guests to keep their pieces or why not auction them off that night and raise even more!